University of Pittsburgh

Department of Neuroscience

Purpose of this Document

"Guidelines for the Master’s Degree Program in the Department of Neuroscience" is a document written by the Department of Neuroscience graduate training faculty in consultation with the graduate students. The Guidelines are meant to supplement the Regulations Governing Graduate Study at the University of Pittsburgh and thereby provide a complete handbook for students concerning the program's rules, expectations, and recommendations for each aspect of the training. Questions regarding specific issues of the training program should be directed to the Chair of the Graduate Advising Committee in the Department of Neuroscience (currently Dr. Stephen Meriney).

2.1. Changes to the Guidelines

Each student will be given a copy of the Guidelines when they enter the program. To ensure that students are given an up-to-date version of the Guidelines, a new edition of the Guidelines will be dated and printed at the beginning of each academic year. Each summer, the program director will oversee the editing of the Guidelines. Student input will be solicited regarding proposed changes or issues that require clarification. Proposed changes will be circulated among the faculty and students for comment and discussed at a faculty meeting to arrive at a final version of the document that is approved by the faculty. It is expected that this annual revising of the Guidelines will not result in any substantive change in the training program. Rather, this process is expected to update or clarify aspects of the previous edition. Major substantive alterations in the Guidelines (e.g., a change in the format of the Reprint Exam) would require additional discussion by the faculty and students.

During their progress through the program, each student should refer to the Guidelines that were current when they entered the program. These regulations represent the student’s contract with the program and it is their responsibility to be knowledgeable of the regulations that guide their progress.