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Neuroscience is the study of the biology and function of the central nervous system, with a special focus on the brain. The field has emerged during the past two decades as part of the explosive growth of research and interest in the neural sciences. An autonomous major in neuroscience was developed at the University of Pittsburgh in 1983, and is among the largest undergraduate neuroscience programs in the country, with more than 300 students as majors.

The program is designed to provide a challenging sequence of courses in biological sciences, chemistry, mathematics, and physics, in addition to introductory and advanced courses in neuroscience. Students may also receive credit for original research projects conducted in collaboration with faculty members. The relatively small size of the upper-level courses, excellence of teaching, and opportunities for research are especially attractive features of the major. A minor in neuroscience is also available.



Nicole Silva
on your acceptance to
Rutgers New Jersey Medical School
Early Decision Program in
Newark, New Jersey




Where are the Class of 2015 going?

Trey Vanek

West Virginia University School of Medicine

University of VA School of Medicine

Temple University School of Medicine

Marco Pilotta

University of Pittsburgh

School of Dental Medicine

Giana Lupinetti

University of Pittsburgh

School of Dental Medicine

Kirtan Patel

Boston University

Loyola University

Kunal Shah

University of South Florida College of Medicine

Zoe Owrutsky

Post-baccalaureate IRTA at the NIMH

Christina Mangiaracina 

Nova Southeastern University-

College of Osteopathic Medicine

Rachel Puralewski           

Research Technician at

UPMC Translational Neuroscience Program

Danielle Hu

UPMC, Medical Office Assistant

Daniel Eichorn

Capital Health Medical Center, Clinical Research Assistant

Ethan Fitzgerald

Emergency Medical Technician

Nicholas Graff                 

Jacob Lab, Dept. of Pharmacology and Chemical Biology

Matthew Flounders       

Post-Baccalaureate IRTA Fellow at NIH in the NINDS

Kristin Hare                        

Americorps National Healthcorp Program

Anthony Schulien           

NIH Post-Bac IRTA Fellowship and Dept. of Neurobiology, Pittsburgh Institute for Neurodegenerative Disease

Rushi Patel                         

Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine

Matthew Roberts           

Post Bac IRTA Fellow at NIMH of the NIH

Nicholas Moores             

Lab Research Tech, University of Pittsburgh

Esther Park                        

Pennsylvania College of Optometry at Salus University

Alexa Bolock                     

Lab tech in Dr. Stephen Maricich’s Lab

Jasmine Kashkoush        

Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

Danielle Hu                        

UPMC  Medical Office Assistant

Akshaya  Arjunan            

University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

Grace Hye Yoon Kim      

Penn State College of Medicine

Michael Scheetz              

City Year, Miami

Erika Pence                     

Johnson& Johnson

Hannah Legerwood       

University of Pittsburgh Learning

Research & Development Center Perfetti Lab

Ana Martin                        

University of Pittsburgh-Department of Psychiatry – Research Assistant

Owen Drinkwater           

UVA, Rochester, Miami

Angela Boullata                

Physical Therapy Aide

Edwin Lin                            

Keck School of Medicine of USC

Fasil Mathews                  

University of Pittsburgh of Medicine

John Myrga                       

Pitt Med, Temple Med, Case Western Med

Allison Koller                     

University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine,

Dept. of Emergency Medicine,

Menegazzi  Lab – Research Assistant     

Caroline MacGillivray     

Postbac IRTA at NIMH                   

Alexis Cameron                               

University of Pittsburgh,

Accelerated Second Degree BSN

Jennifer Morgan             

Volunteer EMT - Gap Year before applying to PA School

Lloyd Harvey                     

Pitt Med, Medical Scientist Training Program seeking an MD/PhD in molecular pharmacology     

Jonathan Korpon            

Temple School of Medicine, Drexel School of Medicine

Tadhg Schempf                

NYU Medical School, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, Pitt Med

Thomas Diehl                   

National Institute on Aging, Developing blood test that detects onset on Alzheimers

Alison Laessig                   

University of Pittsburgh, Accelerated Second Degree BSN

Rebecca Krall                    

University of Pittsburgh, Neuroscience PhD program

Shivam Patel                     

Cooper Medical, 

Lake Erie College of Medicine,

Rowan Medical,

Commonwealth Medical College,

Rutgers New Jersey Medical School

Samantha Lipko                       

Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine      



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Research Opportunities

The Department of Neuroscience encourages interested undergraduate majors to gain research experience within an active neuroscience laboratory. Most undergraduates who enroll in research for credit are interested in completing an independent project that results in an undergraduate thesis.

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