Pitt Honors Fellowship Achievements - Congratulations!

Your 2019 fall fellows: 

UHC Research Fellows  

Nicholas Fuller

“The Value of Experience and Logic in Establishing Meaning”

Neuroscience + Philosophy majors

Hilary Liu        

“The Effect of ZnT9 on Zinc Homeostasis, Mitochondrial Function, and Neuronal Health” Neuroscience + History and Philosophy of Science majors

Studio Arts + Chemistry minors

Amanda Makara        

“Investigating Impulsive Behaviors and Corresponding Brain Regions in Bulimia Nervosa (BN)”

Psychology + Neuroscience major

Chemistry minor 

Global Studies in Health and Wellness certificate 

Community Research Fellow

Shannon Trombley   

“FedUp! Helping Silenced Inmate Voices Be Heard”

Community partner: Human Rights Coalition FedUp!    

Neuroscience major 

Chemistry + Administration of Justice minor 

Conceptual Foundations of Medicine certificate 


Chancellor’s Undergraduate Research Fellows

Anisha Venkatesh    

“How Parents’ Attitudes and Activities in Math Affect Children’s Math Performance”          

Psychology + Neuroscience majors          

Chemistry minor

Conceptual Foundations of Medicine certificate

Lindsay Ejoh  

“Characterization of sympathetic projections from prevertebral ganglia to colon of mouse” Neuroscience + Music majors 

Chemistry minor 

Chancellor’s Undergraduate Teaching Fellows

Melissa Alvarez

“Focusing on the Overlooked: A Creative Approach to Teaching Neuroscience”

Biological Sciences + French + Neuroscience major

Chemistry + Life Science Research minors

Sebastian Cohn        

“Neuroscience Journal Club”

Neuroscience major

Chemistry + Statistics minor