Master's Program

Neuroscience is the study of the structure and function of the nervous system.  The overall objective of the Department of Neuroscience Master’s Degree program is to provide additional laboratory research and academic training to students who have completed an undergraduate major in neuroscience or a closely related scientific area and wish to extend their studies before applying for additional post-graduate training or professional employment.  Areas of concentration include neuroplasticity, synaptic transmission, homeostatic regulatory systems, biological bases of neuropsychiatric disorders, cognitive neuroscience, and developmental neuroscience.

Please note: The master’s program in the Department of Neuroscience is small and designed primarily for students already working with faculty in this department. Funding comes entirely from the principal investigator faculty who sponsors the student. Therefore, acceptance of outside students occurs rarely and only on a per case basis when the student can identify a faculty member who is willing to provide financial support.

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Program Overview and Admissions

Browse a general overview of the neuroscience master's program and admissions requirements.

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Master's Degree Program

A neuroscience master's program has many specific requirements. See how the master's degree is structured at Pitt.

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Components of the Plan of Study

In developing a plan of study, students are expected to develop both breadth in the field of neuroscience and depth in their area of specialization. 

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Faculty Advisors

To aid each student in attaining the objectives of the master's program, the faculty has created separate mechanisms for providing academic and research advice.

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Yearly Progress Reports & Faculty Evaluations

Master's students are evaluated on a yearly basis. View how progress reports and faculty evaluations are structured within the program.

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Master's students are evaluated through reprint exams and a thesis defense